Halo: Combat EvolvedEdit

Although Halo is a console series, console versions of Halo CE suffer from between-level loading screens that can add up to 5+ minutes over the course of the run. For this reason, the timing method for Halo CE was chosen to be RTA minus loads - between-level loading screens are removed from the time.

Original game discEdit

There are two main versions of the original game disc - NTSC (US/Japan) and PAL (Europe/Australia/etc). Due to poor framerate conversion, the PAL version of Halo has:

  • ~17.5% slower walking speed
  • Longer fall timers (allows for different bridge drop techniques)
  • Longer grenade fuses
  • other differences to be added later

Due to the difference in movement speed, PAL is the slower version and is generally poor for speedrunning. There is no known difference between the original release and Game of the Year edition.

Running the disc on Xbox 360 is recommended for a few reasons:

  • Loading lag during loadzones is much shorter on 360.
  • other reasons?

Marketplace (Xbox 360)Edit

There are no known differences between the marketplace version and the original Xbox disc.

Halo: CE AnniversaryEdit

CEA is the same game in terms of physics models, but some of the cutscene skips are slower. For this reason it is not recommended for speedrunning.

Halo PCEdit

Halo running speeds pc vs xbox

Global variables showing the difference in run speed between PC and Xbox versions.

While Halo PC has the benefit of no loading time between levels, these loads are not counted in the time anyway. More importantly, it has no lag during loadzones. The aiming is more precise due to the mouse, although unlike the Xbox version there is no autoaim (sticky reticule) in Halo PC. Due to these factors, Halo PC was the most commonly used version for speedrunning.

It was recently discovered that the walking speed in Halo PC is apparently 12.5% slower than in the Xbox version. However, manual testing by Monopoli has shown that both Halo PC and Marketplace versions have the same walking speed. More testing is required

Halo 2Edit

Unlike Halo CE, Halo 2 is mostly identical between NTSC and PAL. The only known difference for speedrunning is the viability of swordflying through the glass on Oracle to reach the Banshee faster. On PAL this can save about 10 seconds over NTSC.

It is recommended to run the game on Xbox 360 due to less lag. The original Xbox loads the game extremely slowly. The Xbox 360 controller is also smaller, which can help with sword flying.

Halo 3, ODST, ReachEdit

Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach have no known version differences.

Since the timing method for these games is determined by theater films, no special techniques need to be taken to minimize loading times.

Halo 4Edit

Since Halo 4 is timed by RTA, it may be fastest to install the game to HDD. More testing is required.