The Covenant
  • Game: Halo 3
  • Reference time: Easy: ~x:xx
    Legendary: ~x:xx

The Covenant is the seventh playable level in Halo 3. See The Covenant (level) for general information.


- Hog/Ghost past vehicle barrier inside of the Citadel


- third tower interior: go to the left, wait for the Drones to gather, chuck a frag. Go to the right side and fuel rod jump up. Kill Chieftain by closing distance and letting him take a swing at you. Or remove his shield and bash him repeatedly.

-Scarabs: go to the right Scarab, face the core and watch the front of the Scarab, when it goes up a second time, kill the core. Hornet should usually land intact and away from enemies. Take it to the left Scarab, kill the core... watch out for Ghosts, kill the gunners just in case, and make mad dash for Hornet and hope...