Example of a Level PageEdit

Click here to see an example of a properly formatted level page: Cairo Station

All levels listed here: List of Levels


Each level page has an infobox, which can be viewed by clicking on the "Source" tab. You can edit the captions/reference times, but should probably leave the rest alone. Reference time = a decent time for that level, in the context of a full-game run.

This wiki uses a difficulty scale out of 5, so if you see a trick that says (3/5), that means that trick is 3 out of 5 on the difficulty scale. This should provide some context regarding which tricks are easy and which are hard.

If you can explain something easier by using a video/image, do that instead. Things that aren't obvious from watching a video should be explained. All videos and images should have 300px thumbnails and no caption unless necessary.

A page should be a walkthrough of the level. Format should go like this:

"The Strats" at the top of the page (heading 2)Edit

Section of the Level (heading 3)Edit

On easyEdit

On legendaryEdit

Method 1/2/3 (all heading 4 + italics)Edit