SLASO - Solo, Legendary, All Skulls On. Also known as "Mythic," this is a custom difficulty setting that is intended to be harder than Legendary. The addition of various skulls changes gameplay and forces you to play differently. General SLASO strategies are listed below for each of the games.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (LCS)

The game is relatively unchanged, although melee is a lot more viable due to the instant shield recharge from Black Eye. On the other hand, melees no longer cause unshielded enemies to flinch when they are at full health.

Halo 2

The power of Sputnik and the additional overshields granted by Black Eye make combat largely melee based

Halo 3/ODST

noob combo Brutes

Halo: Reach

plasma pepper Elites

Halo 4

plasma pepper Elites, meleeing is more viable thanks to Catch and reduced Elite severity


Click below for links to the skull locations and descriptions for each game.

Note that in ODST, Reach, and Halo 4, you do not have to locate the skulls to unlock them; you can select them in the Campaign menu from the outset.