ONI: Sword Base
Sword BaseClimbing the stairway to heaven
  • Game: Halo: Reach
  • Reference time: Easy: ~x:xx
    Legendary: ~x:xx

ONI: Sword Base is the second playable level in Halo: Reach. See ONI: Sword Base (level) for general information.


Easy strategies can be used through Heroic, or even Legendary if you are segmenting.

Your first task is to kill all of the enemies in the courtyard and grab the Target Locator. The fastest way is to run past all of the enemies and fire a well-placed Target Locator shot in their midst. This can be viewed here: [Will be added later].

Once the gate opens to the rest of the mission, you have two options. You can head to Farragut Outpost, or you can head to the AA Gun. It is significantly faster to do the AA Gun objective first. To do this, you will grab the rockets located on the rocks in front of the Wraiths, then head to your right. You will see a Ghost there. To complete the mission quickly, hijack the Ghost. Boost to the building next to the AA Gun. You can activate the button from below by jumping while aiming up and holding X. This can be viewed here: [Will be added later].

This method is reliable for Easy-Heroic difficulties. After that, boost around the cliff. On Easy-Heroic difficulties, take this route past the Ghosts: [Will be added later].

As shown here: [Will be added later]

This is for Easy, Normal, and potentially SLASO difficulties. To view this part for Heroic or Legendary difficulties, look below.

Activate the switch through the wall. Then get back on your Ghost and drive to the other button. A spring jump will enable you to activate the button. Drop down, and get in your Ghost. Drive back to the courtyard and... push the button. For all dificulties, shoot a Target Locator shot at the enemies like this: [Will be added later].

Now you can either run past them or you can get in the Ghost, and get over the barrier as shown here: [Will be added later]

Drive to the Hunters. This step can be used on any difficulty to preserve a Target Locator shot if desired.

Once in the area with the Hunters, shoot two rockets at each of them on Easy or Normal difficulty. This will use up all of your rockets. If you are doing Heroic or Legendary, you will do a different step shown below at Farragut Outpost to grab the second rocket. If you are doing SLASO, a different method will be mentioned below.

Get into the elevator and... push the button. Once inside the building, follow this video: [Will be added later]

On Easy-Heroic difficulty or a Zero Shot run. Finally, kill the two Jackals up top. Rocket some Banshees and target the Phantom with the Target Locator. This will complete the mission. Strategies listed below for Heroic-SLASO build off of this basic route. I will only explain the deviations from this route.


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