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LCS/SLASO DiscussionEdit

Currently, we don't track times for any skull-based difficulty in Halo: CE Anniversary. The skulls in CEA do not provide a sufficient challenge when done SLASO.

Discussion on possible SLASO replacements here:

LCS SkullsEdit

Legendary Classic Skulls (or LCS for short) is a difficulty classification similar to LASO that is played on Legendary with only the following 6 skulls activated: Iron, Mythic, Black Eye, Famine, Fog & Grunt Birthday Party. It's name is in reference to the fact that these are the only skulls HCEA has in common with the set available in Halo 3/ODST/Reach.

In HCEA, the properties of the full set of skulls (LASO) conspire to produce runs that are generally considered to be uninteresting to both perform and watch. A substitute was sought in the Legendary+ category and many different proposals were made. A runner known as RC Master made the suggestion of LCS on the rationale of ease of comprehension and the elimination of many elements he considered to be gameplay-crippling (such as Bandanna's Infinite ammo). To support his suggestion he uploaded a video of a speed run he completed on the difficulty on PoA (

Dispite this and other efforts, no Legendary+Skulls classification has managed to garner wide community support. 


This skull is exactly the same as its Halo 3 counterpart: Dying in co-op forces all players to restart at the last saved checkpoint, while dying in solo play forces the player to restart the entire level.

Location - The Pillar of Autumn


Mythic increases the health of all Covenant (& Flood?), while also giving all Sentinels energy shields.

Location - Halo

Black EyeEdit

Like previous installments, this skull causes your shields to stop recharging automatically. You must recharge them by meleeing enemies (or barrels?). However, this skull is more of a cross between Halo 2 and Halo 3 in that the recharge is instantaneous and you don't have to kill the enemy with the melee.

Location - The Library


Weapon drops have half the ammo they would originally have.

Location - The Silent Cartographer


Disables the motion tracker.

Location - Assault on the Control Room

Grunt Birthday PartyEdit

Headshot a Grunt, and you'll get confetti and the sound of cheering children. Purely cosmetic. In this game, you don't have to use a headshot capable weapon, any weapon will do as long as it's a precise shot and kills them.

Location - The Maw