Assault on the Control Room
AssaultOnTheControlRoomthese weather patterns seem natural, not artificial...
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Reference time: x:xx

Assault on the Control Room (often abbreviated AotCR) is the fifth campaign level in Halo:Combat Evolved. See Assault on the Control Room (level) for general information.

The Bridge Descent / Level De-loadEdit

It is possible to drop from the first bridge in the level to the canyon floor below, which breaks enemy spawn triggers for the rest of the level. The trick has 3 parts, 2 of which have alternate easy and difficult methods.

The positioning and movement for each drop is quite precise and is best presented in a video tutorial:

Halo 1 - AotCR Bridge Fall Tutorial (PC)

Halo 1 - AotCR Bridge Fall Tutorial (PC)

The trick differs between NTSC/PC and PAL. Rockslider has found a variety of PAL-only methods for the bridge descent.

Grenade JumpEdit

There is one place later in the level where a grenade jump can save 5 or more seconds. In the first room after exiting the first banshee, as you enter the inner part of the room, you can do a single grenade jump up to the platform on your left. An example video can be seen here: